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Silk Anniversary Gift

So delighted that my silk painting ‘Gin and Tit’ was recently bought as a unique silk anniversary gift! I wasn’t aware that the traditional gift for a 12th wedding anniversary in the UK and 4th anniversary in the USA is something made of silk. The tradition of giving certain gifts for anniversaries can be traced back to the Roman Empire and medieval Germany. Apparently the Romans used to adorn their wives with a wreath of silver after 25 years of marriage (I wish :-)! ) In the 18th century the Germans started to develop the idea of different gifts for the other years. Anyway, I was tickled pink that I was able to contribute to someone’s special anniversary celebration in this way!

Gin and Tit Silk Anniversary Gift
Gin and Tit

‘Gin and Tit’ is part of my ‘Birds Behaving Badly’ series. In this series I explore the idea of birds up to mischief and in various compromising positions and just generally let my crazy imagination run riot. Many of my ideas also stem from my love of a good (or very bad!) word pun….

Do you have a silk anniversary is coming up soon? Why not have a browse through my available¬†original paintings¬†or get in touch to talk about a personalised silk painting. Perhaps a beautiful landscape that means something to you or your favourite birds, animals or flowers. I can work from photographs and even accommodate the colour scheme for your home! I’d love to create something special that will give pleasure for years to come.