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The Twelve Months of Christmas – Day 7 July’s Wonderful Weed


July’s Wonderful Weed, Original Silk Painting, Framed size 30 x 30 cm

£95 including P&P – Limited Edition Prints Available – Buy Now

Apologies to all you buddleia fans out (and I know there are hundreds of beautiful varieties) but the bog standard purple one is firmly a weed in my book. But what a weed it is! It seems to be able to grow almost anywhere (I’ve seen it growing out of the side of a building) and it has a magnetic attraction for butterflies. Particularly the splendid peacock who obviously sees something in it that I don’t…..

Painting the buddleia on silk was another challenge for me. If I had used gutta it would have ended up all line and no colour so I decided to paint it without. I painted each petal separately, drying with the hairdryer before doing the adjacent one. I then used a colourless resist to stop the background from flowing over the finished flower.

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