Going Bananas – Banaquit and Bananas


Going Bananas – Banaquit and Bananas




Going Bananas – Banaquit and Bananas, Signed Giclee Prints available in various sizes.

Going Bananas was done as a commission for a lovely lady who is almost as bananas about birds as I am! I was lucky enough to see banaquits when I was on holiday in Antigua but my client has actually seen them on banana flowers. I loved doing this painting. If you’d like to commission something special to you visit my commissions page  for some other examples of work I have undertaken and contact me to discuss your project.

My paintings are mainly painted on pure Chinese habotai 8 silk with specialist silk paints. I start each work with a drawing on paper and then trace the image onto a piece of white silk stretched onto a wooden frame. I then apply a special paint called gutta, which contains natural latex called gutta-percha, over my traced lines. This creates a resistive barrier through which the coloured ink will not flow. I apply the coloured ink with a brush and use salt dropped into the ink whilst wet to created textured effects.

The finished painting is removed from the wooden frame, ironed to fix the colour in the fabric and stretched onto acid-free mountboard ready for framing.

A signed giclee prints is printed on fine art 308gsm paper using archival inks and is signed by the artist. It is an open edition so there is no limit to the number of reproductions that can be made.

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Framed Original Silk Painting, Mounted Original Silk Painting, Mounted Signed Giclee Print


8 x 10 inch, 40 x 50 cm