Commission Art

Would you like to commission a unique piece of art for your home or perhaps as a special gift for a loved one?

It is wonderful to fill your home with beautiful things that mean something special to you. Maybe there is a particular view, species of bird or animal or flower that you love or perhaps you would like to create a very personal gift for a loved one. Perhaps you saw something on your holiday that you would like to remember every time you walk around your house. Talk to me about how to commission art – I would love to create something special for you!

A bespoke artwork makes a wonderful gift for a loved one’s birthday, anniversary or as a special wedding present.

For any project large or small, I can work from photographs and even tailor the painting to fit in with your colour scheme. Prices depend on size and will be similar to the prices for original paintings shown for sale on the website.

Click here to see example prices and find out how to commission a painting.

Here are some examples of previous commissions I have undertaken:


The clients had recently purchased a lovely old manor house in Kent with beautiful grounds. The brief was to visit the estate and take inspiration from the landscape. The clients also particularly wanted to capture a magnificent 350 year old sweet chestnut tree in their front garden that is (sadly) dying. I created a series of four large paintings. One tells the story of the tree and it’s dramatic presence in the garden. The others (two of which are designed to hang as a pair) are, I hope a reflection of the incredible peace and beauty that I found in their grounds.

The Dive

Here the client (a talented photographer) wanted to commission a painting which reminded him of his recent trip to the Galapagos Islands. I worked from the clients own photograph to create a painting which I hope captures the speed and majesty of the blue-footed boobies that he saw on the trip.

The Dive (Blue Footed Booby) - Commission a Painting

The Dive (Blue Footed Booby)


The Symphony of the Bells

The client wanted a special 40th Birthday present for his wife which captured a very happy holiday memory. I worked from the client’s own photograph.

The Symphony of the Bells - Commission a Painting

The Symphony of the Bells


Autumn Feast

A simple brief to create a painting of the clients favourite birds (and one of my favourites too!)

Autumn Feast - Commission a Painting

Autumn Feast – Goldfinches